SuperLED: 2015 fire drill

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SuperLED: 2015 fire drill

In order to enhance staff awareness of fire safety, insist the idea of "people-oriented" and the policy of "safety first, prevention first" and, improve self ability to prevent, do in case of fire, unruffled, orderly, quickly according to the fire escape route safety evacuation, to ensure the safety of life and property safety, my company to the safety production month in July as an opportunity, to carry out the safety evacuation fire drills.

A burst of rapid alarm opened the "safety evacuation drill" activity of the curtain, heard the siren, staff members in the Department evacuation under the command responsible person immediately evacuated arrived at the designated location, departments responsible person to lead the staff along the designated stairs fast forward, ordered evacuated to safety in front of the company, then the person in charge to count the number of, and report to the scene command in the company. Full safety evacuation after, the management company responsible for of all employees from reporting fire alarm, fire prevention, fire self-help and escape and fire safety basic common sense to explain.

Exercise process, all employees calm, panic disorder war staff quick reaction, skilled, excellent completed a predetermined subjects in the exercise, the whole exercise process arrangement is compact, personnel organization in an orderly, extinguishing action quickly and effectively, the majority of employees in charge divided into the fire of knowledge learning, field exercises extinguishing process at the same time, more exercise quickly and decisively to deal with emergencies ability and teamwork spirit.

The whole fire drill includes three parts: 

1, evacuation.

2. Fire knowledge explanation

3. Fire drill

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